About TSII
TechSystems InfoSource, over the years, has established itself as an international leader in the ports industry and has achieved outstanding results in terms of operational growth and revenues as well as industry recognition and client focus.

Our client-centric orientation and our continuous product investment are major contributing factors to TSII's success. However, we believe that what truly differentiates us is our passion for what we do and what we offer and our dedication to our clients.

Our main focus is the implementation of ELS (Equipment Logistic Solutions) solutions and related consulting services.

ICAM-PTO - our flagship product - is the leading ELS system for ports and container terminals today.
 A Brief History
Initially incorporated in 1993 as System Works Philippines (SWP), Tech Systems InfoSource Inc. was established to act as a representative and support office in the Philippines for selected multinational products. Initial offerings included; System Union UK's Sun Accounting and Sun Business, Baan's transportation sector products Route Pro Series and Titan Group Internationals ICAM (Integrated Computer Aided Maintenance).

In 1994 TSII was selected to provide equipment centric applications for the modernization of MICT (Manila International Container Terminal), ICTSI (International Container Terminal Services, Inc.) acting as Prime Contractor. The company refocuses, concentrating on ELS (Equipment Logistics) products and services only, this for the niche transportation marketplace.

In 2000 T.S. InfoSource acquires the ICAM product suite. T.S InfoSource acquires; ICAM, I-CAM, ICAM-PTO, ICAM-PRO, Integrated Computer Aided Maintenance, its trademarks, source code and related intellectual properties.

InfoSource drops all but ICAM-PTO from the active marketplace, revamps ICAM-PTO, and re-launches the product as ICAM-PTO Series III in January 2001.

2002 ERPorts Provider Network is formed.

Complimenting suites of products and services make market; this is the goal of ERPorts Provider Network. Original members; IMPSA Ports Systems, T.S. InfoSource and e-SeaPorts, Inc. create a contractual entity structured to include: full remarketer and non-compete agreements, resource sharing (products, offices, skills), cooperative development and a common market plan.

By third quarter 2002 we are in search of a technology that would add a diagnostic level to our conventional CMS (Crane Monitoring Systems) and an Enterprise System for managing knowledge and technical data.

September 2003 Remy Design is fully integrated into the Group as Remy InfoSource.

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