Main System Features:
 ICAM-PTO — Engineering Work Management
Moving from "Operating by Exception" to "Operating by plan.

Visibility and control are the key elements in moving your engineering organization from operation by exception to operating to plan.

Maximum control with minimum effort!

To achieve maximum control with a minimum supervisory effort, ICAM-PTO employs a centralized design concept - Work Management being the hub of the system. Key managers and supervisors can easily receive real time information on all critical activities, measure this against a pre-defined plan and take quick and decisive action if required.
 The ICAM Engineering Work Management Module

ICAM facilitates and documents the entire engineering activity. It provides the engineering manager with the high degree of control necessary to implement a successful scheduled maintenance program and to react quickly and decisively when unscheduled maintenance is required. Furthermore, ICAM provides the decision-makers with the complete life cycle, ownership and operational costing information crucial in today's competitive marketplace... read more

 Equipment Master  Task Master
Equipment Master is the main data associated with an individual asset whether it be a crane - quay or yard, mobile equipment, generator or building. ICAM-PTO allows individual characteristics to be assigned to type of equipment... read more Task Master containing all of the standard reoccurring tasks and standard hours data required to ensure reliable operation from critical equipment. Creating standard job tasks allows you to copy across similar equipment eliminating mistakes and double entry... read more
 Scheduling Master  Resource Master
Scheduling requirements for port services operators are very unique, unlike anything faced in a manufacturing environment. Tight opportunity windows are the norm, while equipment is constantly placed under extreme stress and it is a simple fact that physically large equipment requires more man effort to service. These factors were given foremost consideration during ICAM-PTO's design resulting in a scheduling methodology that matches the Engineering Department's unique scheduling requirements... read more Resource Master contains all of the skilled labor resources available to your organization from both internal and external (contractors) sources. This information is matched against the task master to achieve maximum coverage without chronic reliance on overtime. Projected and actual utilization allow for tight scheduling requirements... read more

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