Main System Features:
 ICAM-PTO — Procurement Management
Purchasing Department can reduce throughput costs!

The activities of your Purchasing Department have never played a more important roll in the effort to reduce throughput costs.

Outdated systems cost you money!

Port operations that rely on paper or outdated systems are constantly being plagued by redundant, time consuming, error prone procedures that cost you time, money, aggravation and even worse… your reputation. Transcription errors, double entry, lost paperwork, excess approval time and order duplication are a thing of the past with ICAM-PTO.
 The ICAM Procurement Management Module
Procurement management is a functional extension of both engineering work management and storeroom management activities. This guarantees the orderly management of requisitions and orders based upon accurately forecast requirements for both hard goods (storeroom replenishment and projects), and service (contract labor). Integrated electronic approval ensures timely processing and issuing of orders... read more
 Purchase Requisitions  Canvass and Vendor Master
The Requisitioning Module is the tool that allows the engineering department and storeroom to communicate their need for repair parts and/or contractor services to the purchasing department. This design reduces the clerical effort required to initiate any transaction... read more Canvass and Vendor Master contain historical and current price and supplier information for each item that has either been quoted or purchased through the system... read more
 Purchase Orders  Approval System
The Purchase Order Module directly receives and presents requisition information in a way that allows your buyers to quickly evaluate the requirements and urgency of the individual requests and to take appropriate action... read more Purchase Order's are routed to the manager(s) that you nominate based on the predetermined spending limits that you establish. Once approved, official purchase orders may now be printed, signed and issued... read more

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