Main System Features:
 ICAM-PTO — Storeroom Management
Cost of repair items is 66% - 150% the direct engineering labor costs.

It is no wonder that the Engineering Manager now spends up to 35% of the day dealing with storeroom and procurement issues. It takes good management and well designed systems to control these costs.
 Parts storage expensive!  Parts consumption reduces profits!
It is recognized by management that, for many items, cumulative storage costs during only a few years can exceed the purchase price (insurance spares), but also that an unexpected failure of a critical component would jeopardize ongoing operations - ship in, crane down. In a port/terminal operation all inventory items consumed are expensed and therefore reduce profits. The storeroom can have a greater impact on throughput costs than internal and contract labor costs combined.
 The ICAM Storeroom Management Module
Storeroom Management is a seamless extension of Engineering Work Management, meaning that required items and levels are forecast as part of the scheduling and execution of work. This results in minimal storeroom value (reduced insurance spares) while eliminating untimely stock-outs of critical items. The ability to forecast also supports bulk purchasing, item consolidation and economic order quantity programs and other cost management efforts. Unclaimed warranty receivables are eliminated by the ability to track warranty whether on receipt or installation... read more
 Storeroom Master  Item Master
Storeroom Master is the main grouping of inventory items, the end user having the ability to define the exact number of storerooms to fit their specific operation. Internal or supplier/off-site/consignment storerooms can be included... read more Item Master contains the detailed information for individual repair parts. These can be set but by easy to manage functional types; bearings, motors, lubricants, filters, tires, cables, etc. - the user defining the types that best fit their operation... read more
 Transaction Master  
Transaction Master manages the day to day storeroom activities including; receiving, reserving of part for future jobs, distribution of items for current work and order recommendation... read more  

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